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5 Weird Reasons Not to Smoke

We all know the usual reasons why we should not smoke. This video gives us five more compelling (and surprising) arguments to avoid smoking.

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The Science of Lying

This vdeo talks about the science and evolution behind lying. Very interesting!

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Matt Cutts: Try Something New for Thirty Days

Is there something you’ve always meant to do, wanted to do, but just … haven’t? Matt Cutts suggests: Try it for 30 days. This short, lighthearted talk offers a neat way to think about setting and achieving goals.

Matt Cutts is an engineer at Google, where he fights linkspam and helps webmasters understand how search works.

I think this is a great video to start with because the staff of the ALC are taking on a challenge to include 5 hours of physical activity a week.  Is there something you would like to try for thirty days?  Brainstorm (or make a list) about new things you could try to do for thirty days.  Then pick one!

I love this quote, ” I guarantee you  the next thirty days are going to pass whether you like it or not so why not try something new for thirty days?”

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