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Electrify your Writing with Verbs – Pat Pattison

For some of us writing can be a challenge.  We may write a paragraph or an essay and feel that it is not exciting.Listen to what Pat Pattison has to say and you may become inspired to dust off your thesaurus.  You could try out a few every day verbs in this on line thesaurus and see what it has to offer to electrify your verbs.

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Richie Parker – A story of Inspiration

How do you get through your day? Do you have any challenges that you have to overcome to get through day to day life? From where do you get your courage to be brave or move ahead?

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Eli Pariser: Beware of Online Filter Bubbles

In this video you will learn how how online sites keep track of you and the choices you make. They use their findings to edit the results you receive when you are using a search engine. Do you think this is helpful? Do you think this is right or wrong? Do you feel like your privacy has been invaded?

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Don’t Limit Me!

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