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I did it MY way

Here is a wonderful example of someone who was ridiculed, laughed at, made fun of … and yet, he never lost sight of his so called “odd” way of doing something: Fosbury flop

Robert Nahas a writer, mentor and coach commented about the Fosbury flop:
“I constantly coach authors and entrepreneurs about the importance of not following the crowd, not conforming to “the norm,” because “the norm” is mediocrity, at best. Many aspiring authors and entrepreneurs fail at their attempts because they do what everyone else is doing.”
“It is important to remind yourself that only about 8% of the populous succeeds in a big way. Interestingly enough, every great achievement worth achieving had been considered strange, and the inventor of it even more strange, at first.”

Celebrate your uniqueness!!!

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This week’s fitness challenge is to dance to this song four times a day. Angela lost 7 pounds in a week
doing that.
Not sure if you’ll lose 7 lbs but if you listened and grooved to this video 4 times a day you sure would have a smile on your face!

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March 21st-First day of Spring. No complaining about the dandelions!

What “sign” of spring do you like the best? When do you think all this snow will melt and we will enjoy some “green”???? (guess a date!)

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Warmer ? Weather Forecast

A clip from a recent Rick Mercer show that is a spoof on Environment Canada’s weather forecasting. We need some chuckles this winter.
What are you looking forward to doing once Spring comes?

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Monday was St.Patrick’s Day. Seems a good week to explore Ireland and celebrate the Irish!!!

After the video: Would this be a place you would like to visit? Why or why not?
Another video I explored mentioned it rains a lot there, it is rather expensive, you have to rent a car really to get around to places, you must be ok with driving on the left side of the road and the food is a little bland (but apparently lots of good things to drink lol). Despite those negatives, looks like a beautiful place… lots of green –

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