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Gas Station Karaoke

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The Chemistry of Cookies

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McKenna Pope: Want to be an activist? Start with your toys.

McKenna Pope noticed an inequality and did something about it. At the age of thirteen, she had the courage and ambition to start an online petition for Hasbro, the maker of The Easy Bake Oven, to change the colour scheme to something more gender neutral. She took a thought and turned it into an action and she got results!

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Evolution of Music – Pentatonix

Enjoy this collage of music from the 11th century to present day by this talented a capella group, Pentatonix.

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Work of Art from a Pile of Odds and Ends

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My Blackberry is not Working

Funny Friday!

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Happy Children’s Day

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Spidey Sense

Do you have spidey sense – that inside your body feeling when something ain’t quite right? ¬† ¬†Travis Kraft talks about Spidey sense and the importance of paying attention to it.

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Last Week Tonight – John Olvier – Salmon Canon

This is just down right funny.

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Danica McKellar Quizzes Jimmy on Palindromes

Do you notice anything interesting about the following words?

    • civic
    • deified
    • deleveled
    • detartrated
    • devoved
    • dewed
    • evitative
    • Hannah
    • kayak
    • kinnikinnik
    • lemel
    • level
    • madam
    • Malayalam
    • minim
    • murdrum
    • peeweep
    • racecar
    • radar
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